Friday, December 4, 2015

Trump: The Republican Ideal

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Ever since bombastic and antagonistic Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Presidency as a Republican last June, he has polled at a nearly constant and very respectable thirty percent - give-or-take a few boneheads.    His opponents caution that Trump is not a serious candidate and that his support will eventually collapse.  But so far it's held steady, and some are beginning to sense the possibility that The Donald may just wind up taking the nomination, whether he really wants it or not.

Part of the thinking regarding the "imminent" Trump collapse has been his propensity for making outrageous statements.  Surely, his opponents hopefully muttered, he would say something so contemptible as to offend large numbers of people and end his campaign.   And yes, Donald spits his bile with alarming regularity - and instead of taking offense, his supporters lap it up like a pack of hungry dogs suddenly coming upon a pool of warm vomit.  The candidate has no shame, and fortunately for him, neither do his supporters.

There is one school of thought which argues that Trump, a television reality star, just entered the race to enhance his name recognition and cash in on all of the free publicity that being a candidate brings.  Regardless of his motivation for running, Mr. Trump now seems poised to do what no one ever suspected he would or could accomplish - win the nomination.

In fact, I think he will win the nomination - and why not?  Donald Trump is the Republican ideal.  He is openly racist, cheering on his dog-whistle followers for beating down and kicking a black protester at a Trump event.  Misogynistic?  Ask Carly Fiorina.  She's undoubtedly still steamed over his remarks about her face - and they weren't pretty.  Xenophobic?  Yup, Trump hates 'em all - Mexicans, Muslims,  Syrians - just name a group and Trump starts yammering to build a wall or "take 'em out." Homophobic?  Trump probably has (or thinks he has) gay friends, people he tolerates for business or social reasons, but just don't let them start talking marriage.  That's where he draws the line.  

Add to all of the aforesaid sparkling credentials the fact that he is anti-choice, pro-unregulated guns, opposed to policies that assist the poor, focused on enhancing his own personal wealth, and a bully - and Donald Trump emerges as the best possible Republican nominee for President.

Donald Trump is not unlike the picture of Dorian Gray.   He is the absolute image of today’s Republican Party – one that the party leaders would no doubt like to keep hidden in the attic until after the election.

But The Donald doesn’t hide in attics.

The Republican Party has spent the last several election cycles pandering to the most ignorant and intolerant elements in our society.  They staked out that ground, claimed it as their own, and now they must reap the harvest of insanity – and that looks as though it will be Donald Trump.

He’s you’re creature, GOP.  Deal with it!

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