Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No, Hillary, You Can't Have My Dollar

by Pa Rock
Targeted Voter

I guess the Christmas season must officially be here because my email-box seems to be stuffed with everybody's wish list. And now that the Wasserman-Schultz Christmas Week Democratic Debate is officially history, I guess this would be a good time to get busy and write a few checks.  But, then again, it would undoubtedly be of greater service to humanity to direct my giving to real charitable causes - in spite of how much politicians assure me that gifts to them will feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and bring about true peace in the world.

This morning I received an email from actress Jamie Lee Curtis asking me to send a few dollars to "HRC" to help fight for gay and lesbian rights.  Interesting, I thought, that the incredible star of A Fish Called Wanda would think that a donation to Hillary would go further in the quest for LGBT rights than a check to Bernie. It turns out, after a careful re-reading of the email, that Jamie Lee was not begging for Hillary Rodham Clinton at all - the HRC that she was shilling for was the Human Rights Campaign. . . a natural enough error for readers of a certain age.   I wonder if having those initials has made or lost money for that erstwhile human rights organization?

Usually when I get an email from Hillary's people, it is from one of three individuals:  the candidate, Chelsea, or Bill.  Bill wrote about a month ago asking for one dollar.  One simple dollar.  Just enough for me to show some commitment to his plan to retake the White House.  I didn't send the dollar - because it would have shown that commitment.  And it's not my money the Clinton's are after because God knows they have plenty.  They are after my political soul, an affirmation that I will lock arms with millions of others and march to hell and back with Hillary.

Both candidates wrote this week after the Wasserman-Schultz Christmas Debate.  Bernie, who already has my commitment, asked for three dollars - while Hillary again begged for only one.  (Poor Bernie has to be a bit more aggressive in his appeals because he has no cushy super-pac to fall back on.)  It turns out that Bernie's beg-fest set a record, so despite Wasserman-Schultz's best efforts to make the DNC look like a fan club for Hillary, the race to the nomination continues.

I've quit giving to the Democratic National Committee and won't cough up any more cash for that organization as long as the extremely manipulative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz remains at the helm.  And Hillary, you can't have my dollar either.  This month it is going to Jamie Lee Curtis!

Feel the Bern!

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