Saturday, December 19, 2015

Signs of the Times

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Rosie and I just returned home from a quick two-day visit to Kansas City where I had a doctor's appointment and got to spend some time with Little Olive.  Olive's pre-school had a Christmas program while I was there, but unfortunately it was at exactly the same time as my doctor's appointment.  Timing is everything!

I stopped at a Pilot Truck Stop near Collins, MO, on the way to KC where I bought Olive an enormous rag doll which she has named "Flower."  Flower is a bit taller than Olive, and they look very cute together as they cuddle on the couch and whisper back and forth.

At Tim's insistence I bought something called a "Fit Bit" yesterday at Costco - a wrist device that looks like a slim, futuristic watch - and it does tell time.  But, the thing also provides health and medical information including the number of steps taken in a 24-hour day, total miles walked per day, current heart rate, stairs climbed, sleep patterns for the previous evening, and notice when the cake needs to come out of the oven.  (Okay, I lied about the cake - I think.)  Anyway, it has me feeling all high-tech and concentrating on staying active.

My biggest regret with regard to being mortal is realizing all of the amazing things that will come after I am gone - things I will never get to experience.  The world is changing with lightening speed, and by the year 2042 or thereabouts computers will supposedly have the power of independent thought.  Just think about the possibilities that could come with that!

I saw three political bumper stickers as I putted to and from Kansas City.  One was a "Bernie" sticker on a parked car in Tim's neighborhood - and the other two were out-of-date Republican eyesores - one for Ron Paul and the other for Romney.  This morning as I was pulling into Wendy's in Roeland Park for breakfast, I saw another type of car sign - one that could have easily been from West Plains.  A dirty hillbilly in a dirty station wagon had a Confederate flag flying from his front, driver's side window.

Yeah, buddy!

It's comforting to know that as we rush into the future, not everyone will be on the bus!

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