Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Affluenza Kid's Mexican Holiday

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Police in the Mexican state of Jalisco have some 'splainin' to do - you betcha they do!  Earlier this week cops in the resort city of Puerto Vallerta snatched American tourist Ethan Couch and his mother right off of the street - just like they were nothing more than common criminals or cruise ship passengers - when, in fact, the Couches, mother and son, are certifiably wealthy.

Just who the hell do those jack-booted thugs think they are?  Now Mexican authorities have even floated a rumor that they plan to return the pair (whom they are calling "fugitives from justice") to the United States where young Ethan could face up to three months in jail!  The horror, the horror!

Doesn't anyone realize just how unattractive a fair-skinned, white boy like Ethan would look in prison orange?

Ethan Couch has had one helluva tough life, and people ought to cut him some slack.   Two years ago he and a few buddies borrowed a couple of cases of beer from a Walmart and went for a joyride in Ethan's dad's pickup truck - with Ethan at the wheel.  Several beers and a few pills later Ethan drove that truck into a group of pedestrians, killing four.  When his truck flipped, one of his friends was thrown from the vehicle and suffered paralysis and brain damage.

Ethan, whose blood-alcohol level was three times over the legal limit several hours after the wreck, was charged with manslaughter in juvenile court, where a judge proved sympathetic to the attorney's pleas that the kid had grown up rich and irresponsible with parents who never held him accountable for his actions.  He was clearly suffering from "affluenza."  The judge sentenced the kid to treatment and ten years of probation.

Ten years of probation just for a joyride that didn't end so well!  Why it wasn't as if the boy had wiped his butt with the Second Amendment or done something truly heinous!

Ethan reportedly completed his treatment, but he had seemed to have had some difficulty staying away from alcohol - a reqirement the judge had inflicted upon him.  A video was posted to the web in early December which supposedly showed Ethan playing beer-pong at a party.   Not long after that, mother and son had one more party with some of the boy's friends - a 'going away' party of sorts - and then the pair hit the road.  This week they were discovered in Puerto Vallerta.

The good news for Ethan is that he has dyed his hair and beard dark, so that orange jumpsuit may work after all!

Ethan, just be thankful that you've been tried and adjudicated in America and particularly in Texas.  Twenty years ago a young man, one year older than you are now, was caned in Singapore just for scratching a couple of cars.  You are eighteen now - old enough to take responsibility for your own actions.   You can no longer hide behind piss poor parenting.

A real man would being the long, hard process of atoning for his crimes, regardless of what the judge did or failed to do.  Your holiday has ended.  It's time to start making amends.

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Xobekim said...

It's just like the judge told me in chambers, when I was a young pup earning my daily bread in the land title industry: "You always hang the Ni***r & the rich never swing." Apparently it remains the first unwritten law of the land supported by its corollary: "Money talks and bullshit walks."