Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Abbie Heads Home

by Pa Rock
Dog Hotelier

Earlier I mentioned the beautiful Golden Retriever who showed up pawing for entry at the garage door during a cold rain a couple of nights ago.  The old girl was large in the belly and we (wrongly) assumed she was pregnant, a diagnosis given strength by the quick way she took to bed once inside the warm garage.  My optimistic son figured that she was lost, while my more cynical self was equally certain that some soulless reprobate had dumped her.

The poor lady quickly adapted to life in the garage and proved to be completely housebroken.  When she left the garage to do her business, she made no threats toward any of the farm critters, and she was even bullied by the guineas.  She was an ideal guest in every sense of the word.

Nick, the optimist, advertised her whereabouts in several free sites on the internet, while I sat back with the smug assurance that he was wasting his time.  Soon we would be knee-deep in yapping puppies and vet bills while the dog's former owner vacationed on the Mexican Riviera.

So this morning when the dog's owner phoned in response to one of Nick's ad's, no one was more surprised than me.  The nice young man in his pickup truck quickly arrived to claim Abbie.  It turns out that she was not pregnant at all - just old (age 11) and fat - like so many of us!  The young man said that they had a new baby at home, and that he had moved Abbie to a place under the house - and apparently she did not like it.  (Or the water from our almost constant rains got under the house and drove her off.)

Regardless of what brought her here, Abbie hopped right in the truck with her much relieved owner and headed home.

We will miss you, Girl.  You were a very sweet garage guest!

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