Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Whole Damned Yard!

by Pa Rock
Yard Care Specialist

Yesterday I gave my big, expansive yard its third mow of the season, and although it had only been seventeen days since the most previous mowing, the height and thickness of the grass was much the same as hay waiting to be cut.  The hay grass should have been mowed several days earlier, but the constant rain downpours of late had held me at bay.

It was supposed to have rained again yesterday, but when the sun peeked through early in the morning, I slathered on the sun screen, grabbed my old-man floppy hat, and headed to the yard.  I mowed the front yard in the morning because it is less dense - giving the back yard an extra couple of hours to dry out.   It wound up taking the whole damned day to mow the whole damned yard - and I still have some places to trim with the push mower this morning.   And weed-eating?  Well, forget about that!

My neighbor grew up on the property where I now live.  He told me that his "personal best" mowing time was five hours.  I have pushed back the snake line and mow a bit more than he did, but I also have a big rider with a forty-eight inch swath.   Jake, a young man who mowed for me a few times last year, could do the whole thing in four-and-a-half hours and not even break a sweat.

So why does it take me an entire day to do what those fellows are capable of accomplishing in half the time?  The answer is that I painstakingly circle every tree so that I won't have to come back with the weed eater - and there is a veritable forest scattered across my lawn.

Today the yard looks nice, calendar perfect, but the grass is already busy growing back.  I can sense it.  Hell, I can almost see it!   Within just a few days it will start looking ragged, and by the time I have accumulated enough strength to tackle it again, it will almost be too late.

Land is not owned by people as much as it owns them!

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Funny! Well.. not funny, but funny blog. ;)