Thursday, May 7, 2015

Buy-A-Clown-A-Nose Day

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

"Red Nose Day," a nationwide charitable event sponsored by NBC, Walgreens, and other corporate entities, will take place on Thursday, May 21st.   Many celebrities will be involved in the effort.  The fundraising activity is modeled after a very successful event held annually in Great Britain and conducted by Comic Relief.  The proceeds of the U.S. version of "Red Nose Day" will go toward lifting children out of poverty.  It promises to be a very worthwhile endeavor.

Walgreens is already selling red rubber noses, all shiny and round, with the proceeds going to benefit "Red Nose Day."  I got mine last week.

That got me to thinking . . .

Currently there are six announced Republican candidates for President:  Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorino, Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee - clowns one and all - with probably not an iota of Christian charity among the six of them - including Reverend Huckabee.    Little Ricky Santorum is expected to throw his beanie into the ring on May 27th, and at least a half-dozen more are likely to quickly follow suit - again, all clowns.

My thoughts are these:  What if a significant segment of the American public took it upon themselves to help the Republican clowns help others - whether they want to or not?  What if Americans who sport true Christian values rushed out and purchased a clown nose in honor of every Republican candidate (or potential candidate) for President?  They could then create little red-nose effigies to set on their front porches to ward off pollsters or political candidates.  Or, more fun yet, they could send the noses to the actual candidates to let them see how much charity they had inspired.

Republican leaders actually being of help to others, especially impoverished others - what a concept!

Poverty is an inexcusable social disease, and one that children should not have to suffer.  Let's all get behind "Red Nose Day" and help to make it a huge success.  And if you want to donate in honor of a troglodyte politician or two - well, that's just gravy!

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