Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boone Macy Gets His Sixteenth Candle

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Sixteen years ago today I drove down from my temporary home in Waynesville, Missouri, to West Plains to meet my first grandchild.  Boone Agustus Macy had been born at the Ozark Medical Center in West Plains the previous evening just after midnight - missing Cinco de Mayo by only minutes.  Now Boone is a sophomore at Neosho High School.

Boone and I have had several mini-adventures during his lifetime.   When he was three or four we went to the movies here in West Plains by ourselves and saw Brother Bear.  I know that I enjoyed it, and I think that he did too.  When Boone was eight, he and his dad and I rode the train from Topeka to Flagstaff where we rented a car and drove to Phoenix to meet his new cousin, Sebastian.   The next year, after I had moved to Arizona, he and his dad came to visit me there and we drove to San Diego - where Boone got his first view of (and splash in) the ocean.

The following year (June of 2009) the three of us went to Disney World in Orlando and even spent a few days on a Disney cruise.  My grandson was growing up fast - because instead of being impressed by Mickey and Minnie and the fireworks on board the ship, he seemed to enjoy the Hard Rock at Nassau more than anything.  Not surprisingly, at least to me, Boone has grown into quite the guitarist.

Last year, a year ago this month, Boone and I set out on our great adventure to the West Coast.  We drove from West Plains to Salem, Oregon, where he was able to visit his cousins, and then back home. Our trip took us through the Badlands of South Dakota, across Yellowstone National Park, along, the Oregon Coast, through the California redwoods, and eventually back home to the Ozarks.

Last month Boone and Uncle Tim and I went to see a retrospective of the musical "Hair" in Kansas City.  It was fun introducing both of them to the counterculture of the 1960's.

Boone came back to West Plains for a visit last weekend.  He has his driver's permit now, and I watched in amazement as he climbed into the driver's seat of his dad's truck and they drove off down the road together.  During the short time that Boone was in town we went to a poultry swap, out for a nice Chinese dinner, and to a play.  Boone likes the theatre - I think he gets that from me!

Happy birthday, Boone.  Pa Rock is very proud of you!

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Mineko said...

Rocky, happy birthday to Boon, Nick's son and your first grandchild. Thank you also for your email message about the thank you postcard I sent to you. I'm sure Nick, Boon and Nick's wife are all doing well. Please give them my best when you see them next time.