Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BS in the In-Box

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

My two United States senators, neither of whom served their country in uniform, sent out mass emails yesterday in praise of veterans.  Ol’ Roy Blunt yammered on about his respect for veterans, though you couldn’t tell it by his voting record.  But, in fairness to Ol’ Roy, I’m sure he does appreciate the almost religious dependability of the old white veterans who go to the polls and support the senator and the way of life to which he has grown accustomed.

Claire McKaskill, my other senator, is a bit brighter than Ol’ Roy and has a staff who can draft superlative emails.  The message from McKaskill’s office also slathered on appreciation for veterans, but McKaskill’s people had the good sense to personalize it by mentioning that her father served in World War II.  The McKaskill email also cited two very dramatic examples of how the senator had stepped in personally to assist veterans.  She helped a pilot from the Vietnam era get official recognition for his war exploits, and she also helped reunite a veteran of Bush’s Middle East wars with his canine co-worker from those awful war days.

Both of McKaskill’s examples were heart-rending – as they were intended to be.  Say what you will about Claire, but her political instincts are second to none.  The woman is slicker than the Santa Barbara coast!

Sadly, my congressman, Jason Smith, did not write to tell me how much he appreciates our veterans.  Mr. Smith, a member of the Republican caucus, probably doesn’t have much of a record in helping veterans, but, like Ol’ Roy Blunt, one would think that he would try to at least make it seem like he did.  

I have written to Congressman Smith regarding several issues, always taking care to check the box stating that I would like a reply – but he never writes back!  Claire always responds with a form email telling me why she does or does not support my position.  Ol’ Roy also writes back – promptly – telling me in terse terms why I am wrong and he is right.

However, there was one surprise in the political mailbag this weekend.  Mrs. Bill Clinton sent a very nice email thanking me for my support and for being on “her team.”  Then she asked if I couldn’t manage to send her a few dollars – she is, after all, a Clinton!  Her thoughtful epistle reminded me that it was probably time to send a few more bucks to Bernie – a politician who actually does share my views on most things.

And Bernie did not litter my in-box with a meaningless missive.  That is worth something!

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