Sunday, February 8, 2015

Who Killed Fred and Red?

by Pa Rock
Rosie's Chauffeur

Rosie and I made a quick, overnight trip to my hometown of Noel, Missouri (about two hundred miles due west from West Plains) and then south on to Fayetteville, Arkansas, yesterday.  We drove out across southern Missouri and returned this morning across northern Arkansas.  The drive through the small towns of Arkansas was especially beautiful, and the early morning traffic was light.  The only hitch in the whole get-along was the Arkansas Highway Patrolman who stopped me outside of Yellville to chat about my speed - but even he was pleasant.

The skunks must be entering their mating season because every few miles I would pass a dead skunk in the middle of the road - stinking to high Heaven!  (Hey you old farts, remember that song?)

I took fourteen dozen farm-fresh eggs over to Noel and Fayetteville - getting a jump on the Easter Bunny and making several relatives and friends happy in the process.  So far I am basically a free egg man, having sold only two dozen to two people who insisted on paying for the hard labor of the girls in the henhouse.  I keep threatening to set up a roadside stand, but I would probably need a license, and insurance, and Allah knows what all.  So for now the hens just work for chickenfeed, and Pa Rock works for less!

Who killed Fred and Red?  When Rosie and I returned home this morning the first thing she discovered was a dead male Cardinal on the back porch.  Thirty minutes later while I was out in the front yard filling the bird feeder, I stumbled upon another dead redbird - this one just off of the front porch.  There is only one outdoor cat in the neighborhood - Ted lives a couple of houses down the road, but at one time he belonged to the previous owners of my little farm and lived here - so he visits occasionally.  Were the dead Cardinals some sort of love offering from Ted?  Did Ted kill Fred and Red?

It is a beautiful day out in my neck of the woods.  My choices for this afternoon are to get busy hanging birdhouses, or go to the gym.  Right now I'm thinking birdhouses!

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