Friday, February 27, 2015

America Stumbles Toward Four More Years of Clinton or Bush

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

With a multitude of routes to the White House -   50 governorships, 100 Senate seats, 435 House seats, former political office holders, ambassadors, judges, religious charlatans, reality television stars, B-movie actors, celebrity chefs, and who knows what else - how sad is it for America that our choices seem to be rapidly dwindling to a Clinton and a Bush.  Haven't we been there and done that?

Yes, it is well past time for America to elect a woman as our President - but why is Hillary the only available and qualified woman in America capable of winning a national election and governing the most powerful country on earth?  I submit that she is not.   Senator Elizabeth Warren has an army of supporters who believe fervently that their candidate is just swell versed on international matters as Hillary, and that she is much more formidable when it comes to reining in the abuses of banks and corporate America.  There are also several women in Congress who would likely have more finely honed legislative skills than Secretary Clinton - and legislative skills can be the crucial component of a successful presidency.

And while the Republicans boast of a deep field of potential candidates, many of whom can barely contain their zeal to get into the race, the old-line party power brokers seem to have already quietly made their selection.  The establishment Republicans, a group who have been shunted to the side for the past few years, are back - and they appear to be leaning toward the safety and security (and sanity) of Jeb Bush.   Jeb, the son of one former President and younger brother to another, would provide us with a situation where three of forty-five United States Presidents at one time lived in the same household.  Is that really necessary - or wise -in a country of over 240 million people?  Is that the best we can do?

The other thing that I find concerning is that if we must resort to political dynasties - why these two?  The Clinton presidency was awash in personal scandals almost from the day Bill was sworn into office, and when he did have time to focus on governing, he was often trying to get to the right of his loyal Republican opposition.  Remember NAFTA?

The Bushes, of course, had their own stink as well - one that still lingers above our nation's capital - and much of the Middle East.  The first President Bush saddled America with a young Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, and Bush the Younger started unnecessary and misguided wars in the Middle East that may never end.  Yes, Jeb may be the brightest of the three, but surely something as grand as the Grand Old Party can do better!

America has a wealth of diversity and that should be honored and called upon to serve - not pushed aside for the sake of political in-breeding.  We are so much better than that.

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