Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday's Poetry: "The Bird Feeder"

by Pa Rock
Bird Enthusiast

Yesterday was gorgeous -  a high in the sixties and gentle breezes.  It was such a nice day that I got outside, in shorts, and hung six birdhouses.  I also cleaned out a couple from last season, so The Roost is ready for the baby birdies that come with spring. Today was supposed to be nice also, but that weather forecast was a dud.  It is chilly out, and the sky is overcast.  It will be awhile yet before the community birds discovered the new houses that I have set out for them, but in the meantime the bird feeder in the front yard is doing a brisk business.

Today's poem, "The Bird Feeder" is by Patrick Kain, and although I know nothing of the poet, his poem does a nice job of describing the view outside of my front window.  My bird feeder is a joyous enterprise that keeps many birds happy and healthy throughout the winter.  The birds enjoy the feeder almost as much as I do!

The Bird Feeder
by Patrick Kain

Crowded 'round the feeder...winter guests, both large and small, 
jockeying for position, one for one, not one for all.
Winter winds have dealt them, yet another unkind blow, 
with seed pods hidden safely, 'neath the deep and drifting snow.
A proud and stately redbird, ruffled feathers, firey bright, 
a sparrow, finch, and titmice, stoking heavily for the night.
Comes a jay in bright attire, casts a cold unnerving stare, 
then, rousts his small competitors, until he's had his fare.
A grackle, uninvited, bullies in to claim his due, 
scatters seed about him, scowls at others 'til he's through.
A squirrel approaches warily, a glance-first left, then right, 
then scampers up the feeder post, sends perchers into flight.
A chickadee approaches with a hope for seeds quite small, 
shuns others bickering on the rails, he'll feast on that which falls.
Finally, lengthening shadows, beggars scatter to the woods, 
hopes buoyed for a tomorrow, for today, their God was good. 

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