Saturday, August 16, 2014

Road Trip Aftermath and Farm Update

by Pa Rock
Ozark Traveler

I am finally home after two full days on the road.  After making a stop at the Lowe's in Mountain Home (discussed in yesterday's post), I drove on to Fayetteville, Arkansas, where I spent the evening with my sister.  The highlight of that stopover was getting to visit with three of Gail's four grown children and their families.  I have two wonderful nieces and two great nephews, all of whom I seldom get to see.  They are busy with their young families, and I am a slave to my poultry.

And speaking of poultry, the birds were all out working the back yard when I got in this evening, and the four turkeys came running up to greet me - wings a-flapping!  The turkeys and chickens have discovered the front yard, and even seem to have a sense that it is off limits.  They like to gather under the bird feeder and eat the seeds that have landed on the ground.  The turkeys also enjoy drinking from the birdbath!  When they see me approaching, they usually turn and head for the backyard - where they are supposed to be.

The turkeys now climb the steps to the back porch and look in the storm door to see if they can spot me.   One of them also left a big calling card on top of my car, though how he managed to get up there is a mystery.  (It would almost take a crane to lift the big Tom.  They get bolder every day, and I suspect if I am not careful they will soon be sitting around me on the couch fighting for control of the TV remote!

The rest of the brood is doing well.  I now have eight baby peacocks instead of the original four.  I came by the four new ones from a different breeder.  Surely out of eight, I will have at lease a couple of pairs.  My current plans are to build a corral around part of the barn and turn it over to the peacocks.  They are such fun birds.

Something has been thinning my flock of guineas.  They have decreased from twenty to fifteen, but seem to be getting smarter.  They now sleep in the pen at night with the rest of the poultry.

About a week ago after closing the poultry pen at dark, I heard some noise in the adjacent garage and discovered a turkey and a chicken hen who had decided to camp there.  I hand carted each back to where they belong.  The turkey got the message, but the little hen still shows up in the garage every night.  She may just like the personal attention of me carrying her back to where she belongs.

I'm home - and things are fine at the farm!


nilraps said...

and you picked up your keys.....:) ????

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Actually I tried to get the keys, but Lowe's could not locate them. The lady who found them was off today, and the keys weren't in the lost and found box. I've asked to have them mailed to me, but, if not, I'll make another trip down there after I phone to make sure that they are there - again!

Life is never simple!