Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Way to Get Arrested in Arizona!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Twenty-two-year-old Eric Minerault landed in a heap of trouble recently for burning a Bible and then urinating on it.   He committed this religious sacrilege on the front steps of a Christian homeless shelter in Prescott, Arizona.   Minerault, who calls himself the "Dark Lord," said that he was "cursing the Christians" with his symbolic act.  He was clad in a black and red robe and wearing a pentagram necklace when he defaced the Christian holy book.

The young man has been jailed on one misdemeanor count of unlawful symbol burning.  The American Civil Liberties Union is expressing concerns that Minerault's freedom of speech rights may have been violated by overzealous Arizona law enforcement officials.

What a dumb butt!  If Eric Minerault had only chosen to take a whiz on the Holy Koran instead of the Bible, he wouldn't be cooling his cloven hooves in an Arizona jail -  state Republicans would have him running for governor!

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Xobekim said...

That's interesting, the offense, A.R.S. §13-1708, is part of the crimes of arson code in Arizona. The previous subsection of that statute, A.R.S. §13-1707, is for cross burning. Of course Arizona takes arson seriously because conflagration is always possible. These two subsections are obviously more concerned about expression than the public safety.