Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hey Missouri GOP, Ferguson IS About Race!

by Pa Rock

In a burst of hypocrisy of almost epic proportions, Matt Wills, the director of the Republican Party in Missouri, has condemned voter registration drives in Ferguson, Missouri, because those efforts are injecting "race" into the on-going turmoil.

What exactly does Mr. Wills think all of protesting and police actions in Ferguson have been about?  Is he so intellectually shallow that he believes something other than race is at the root of all of the mayhem and bloodshed in Ferguson?   Or is he just a cynical blowhard pushing the national Republican agenda of voter suppression?

Hey, Matt, here's how it works.  When a gang of crazed Los Angeles cops beat the holy hell out of a black truck driver who posed no threat to them, it was about race.   When New York city cops blasted nineteen rounds into an unarmed black immigrant from Guinea, killing him in front of his apartment, it was about race.  When a white Detroit area homeowner shot and killed a black girl on his front porch, it was about race.  And when a whack-job (and white) Florida vigilante shot and killed an unarmed black teen who was walking home from a convenience store - and referred to the kid in a 911 call as a "f-----g coon," that, too, was about race!

Ferguson, a city that was almost completely white forty years ago, is now two-thirds black.  Yet even with a solid black majority, whites still run the city. The mayor and five of six city council members are white, and fifty of fifty-three police officers in the city are also white.  Blacks have the numbers, whites have the power.  The only way that will change is if people in Ferguson, especially black people, get registered and begin to vote.  Only then will they be in a political position to offer basic protections to all of the city's inhabitants.

Of course voter registration centers are springing up around Ferguson - as they should.  Voting is how democracy functions, Matt.  The Republican Party once championed the rights of black citizens.  It was a lofty organization steeped in the principles on which our nation was founded.  Sadly, it has now degenerated into little more than a sanctuary for haters, race-baiters, the greedy-wealthy, and those who hope to become greedy-wealthy.

Abe Lincoln would be mortified at how far his political party has fallen.  The GOP's proud inheritance has been totally squandered for the benefit of the few.  How sad for them, and how sad for America.

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