Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Macy

by Pa Rock
Proud Father

My oldest son, Nick, and his beautiful bride, Christy, were united in marriage yesterday evening at their home in West Plains, Missouri.  The ceremony, which had originally been planned to occur at my farm, was changed at the last minute for logistical reasons - too much to cart between the houses.  The bride and groom took their vows on the front porch of their home in a nighttime setting that was witnessed by friends and family members.

Three of my grandchildren were at the nuptials - Boone (Nick's son), Sebastian (Molly and Scott's son), and Olive (Tim and Erin's daughter) along with Nick's siblings and their mother, Rita.   Christy's three teenage sons - Jake, Colton, and Ethan - were also in attendance.  My sister, Gail, drove in from Fayetteville, AR, (via Branson) for the wedding.

The wedding celebration preceded the ceremony.  One of the happy couple's friends fried fish and potatoes on the deck, and there was a big assortment of other food and refreshments as well.  John, the cook, did a wonderful job with the food, particularly the fish.  Boone brought one of his guitars which was ultimately passed around to several guitar pickers, and the result was lots of really good music.  Boone is quite a talented guitar player - watch out world!  The evening was capped off with fireworks when the bride and groom said their "I do's."

(One of the guests, the sister-in-law of John, the cook, told me that she was from Mountain View.  We lived there over three decades ago, so that started a conversation.  It turns out that I knew her father and his family when he was a high school student, and her grandmother was our first baby-sitter in that community.  The world just keeps getting smaller and smaller - especially since I moved back to Howl County!)

Beautiful evening, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple!  Congratulations, Nick and Christy!

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