Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Conservative War on Women Marches On

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Yesterday the United States Supreme Court finally issued its decision in the Hobby Lobby case, and like every other important decision handed down by the Court in recent years, it was a five-to-four vote.  There are three women on the high court, and all three were in the minority on this very important decision that impacts women's rights, women's health care, and women's pocketbooks.  The ruling said that closely-held corporations do not have to provide birth control coverage in their insurance plans if doing so goes against their religious beliefs.

The five justices voting to back corporate religious rights (four crusty old white men and one crusty old black man who thinks he's white) prevailed over the three uterus-packing justices and one other old white man.  The members of the majority, five Catholics, were all appointed by Republican Presidents. The members of the minority, one Catholic and three Jews, were all appointed by Democrats.

The lines of battle could not be clearer.  One party routinely pushes abortion restrictions at every level of government, fights against paycheck fairness, makes excuses for men who commit rape and domestic violence, and views birth control as a "recreational" expense.  The other party is the Democratic one.

2016 will definitely be the year of the woman, but good people everywhere need to link arms and push forward to also make 2014 the year of the woman.   Everyone in America needs to register and vote - especially the women!

And boycott Hobby Lobby!

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Xobekim said...

Beyond the obvious Republican jihad against women is the undercurrent of what the GOP really believes: that what really matters is wealth.

The party of the rich and those whose avarice consumes their lives would rather have the owner of the company be the dictator over the employees. Those employees are real persons who may or may not have a spiritual or religious affiliation.

Corporations do not have a soul to save or a butt to kick. Yet the party of greed bows down to them because their true god is money.