Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Georgia's "Guns Anywhere" Law Misfires on Day One

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I'm reminded on an episode of the Andy Griffith Show, the one in which Barney gives Goober a ticket, and then does an illegal u-turn right in front of the angry mechanic.  Goober chases him down the street, on foot, yelling "Citizen's arrest!  Citizen's arrest!"

Now, with the proliferation of open-carry firearm laws, any cop-wannabes can easily stroke their sad and ordinary lives into raging delusions of armed grandeur.  Just ask George Zimmerman.

State legislatures have been quietly competing to see which ones can come up with the loosest and most dangerous gun laws in the country - and in that contest, Georgia is clearly a finalist - if not the out-and-out winner.  Last March the Georgia legislature passed a "guns anywhere" law which permits carrying firearms literally anywhere within the state's borders - inside of schools, churches, and even bars.  The law also stipulates that no one, including police officers, can demand to see a person's permit to carry a weapon without due cause.  Governor Nathan Deal signed that bill in April, and yesterday it went into effect.

And, in less time than it takes to peel and bite into a Georgia peach, there was an incident.

It happened at an Enmark convenience store in Valdosta.  One armed customer, a sixty-two-year-old man, decided that he wanted to see the gun permit of another customer.   The first customer approached the second and made a demand to see his permit.  The fellow rightly responded that, according to the law of the state, he did not have to show a permit.  The first customer, then unholstered his weapon and asked again.  The saner customer ignored the "request," completed his purchase, and stepped outside where he telephoned the cops.    When the police arrived they arrested the sixty-two-year-old citizen cop and took his gun.

No word yet on whether the police will be charged for interfering with a moron's right to bear arms anywhere he damned well pleases in Georgia.

For the sake of humanity, support Jason Carter for Governor of Georgia!

(And congratulations to Target, INC for finally seeing the light of common sense and moving to keep armed customers out of its stores.  I will be shopping with you again!)

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