Friday, October 12, 2012

Olive at One

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandfather

My oldest granddaughter, Olive Noel Macy, turned one-year-old today.   She attended a birthday party at the home of her cousins tonight, and in the photo that I saw, she was wearing a party hat and eating a big piece of birthday cake.  Pa Rock wishes that he could have been there.

But I was at her last birthday celebration - at the hospital in Overland Park, Kansas, on the day little Olive was born.  She was so tiny - and her parents and grandparents were so happy!  Lots of people came to see her that day.

I was living overseas when Olive was born and happened to be home on a visit at the time of her big entrance.  Two days after she was born I had to return to Okinawa.

Olive and her parents came to see me on Okinawa in April.  In fact, she turned six-months-old on Okinawa.  While she was there she got to put her feet in the ocean, and the Okinawan and Japanese women literally lined up to hold her.  She won't remember it, of course, but little Olive had a great time in Asia!

I moved back to the United States in July, and in early August I visited Olive and her parents in Los Angeles, California, where they were spending the summer.    We walked to West Hollywood a couple of times while pushing Olive in her stroller, and also went out to Venice Beach where we walked along the famous canals.

I visited with Olive in her home in Kansas City in September and a day or so later she and her parents and I all flew to Canada where her daddy had a film premiering at the Toronto Film Festival.

Olive started walking shortly after the trip to Canada, and I understand that now she likes to run - and would much rather be outside than indoors!

So although Olive and I have known each other barely a year, we have visited in three states (Kansas, California, and Missouri) and two foreign countries (Japan and Canada).  That's quite a bit of traveling for someone so young - or for someone who is sixty-four for that matter!  I hope that we will get to spend much more time together as Olive grows up.

Olive, let's make Arizona the next state on our list.  Come see me!

Happy Birthday, Olive.

Much love from Pa Rock!

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molly. said...

Very sweet. Wish I could see the cake photo!!