Friday, October 26, 2012

Duck Leads Obama and Romney in Oregon Poll

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Word today out of Buttercup Hill Preschool in Salem, Oregon, is that Duck has won the school's mock Presidential poll collecting a total of seventeen votes and soundly trouncing Mitt Romney who had five and President Obama who received two.  And while the votes of children tend to uncannily reflect the political preferences of their parents (Weekly Reader got it right thirteen of fourteen times), it would appear that Duck has failed to get on enough state ballots to actually win the nationwide vote.

Duck, for those of you not in the know on such things, is one of a group of farm animals belonging to Farmer Brown.  In 2004, author Doreen Cronin and illustrator Betsy Lewin, put a tale to paper in which Duck, who was tired of following Farmer Brown's orders, decided to run for President.  The book, entitled Duck for President,  became very popular, and in 2007 First Lady Laura Bush read it to children gathered at the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The children at the Buttercup Preschool have also been learning about Duck, and next Friday they will travel to Portland where they will see the play, Duck for President, at the Newmark Theatre.

Enjoy the play, Sebastian.  When you get a little older, Pa Rock will take you to see some plays by William Shakespeare, Thornton Wilder, Tennessee Williams, Neil Simon, and maybe even Tim Macy.

(Here's a joke for you to tell your teachers:  If April showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring?  The answer is pilgrims!)

Good luck, Duck!


molly. said...

ha! Cute. I was surprised at how many votes Romney got! Sebastian enjoyed talking with you this evening. I'm sure he will tell you all about the play next week.

molly. said...

And Sebastian voted for Duck by the way...