Monday, October 8, 2012

Arizona Blues

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Sadly I am back in Arizona, having arrived home about two in the afternoon.  It was an easy and uneventful drive, but it stretched across three hours of extremely boring desert.  Arizona's giant saguaro cacti look very sad this year.  I think global warming and pollution are having a negative impact on the cacti and the people.  (The primary difference between the cacti and the people is that the people have polluted themselves.)

I saw four political bumper stickers on a total of three cars during the drive to San Diego and back.  All four stickers were pro-Obama!  Take that Pew Poll!

Yesterday evening I drove back to Imperial Beach and had a wonderful time walking the beach and speaking to the locals.  Aunt Mary is after me to move to California, and I think I could be very happy someplace like IB - blue collar and on the water.  As I kept staring out across the wide Pacific, my repeating thought was "Okinawa is out there somewhere!"

I spent the afternoon hanging pictures - some of the ones that I brought from the Far East - including two beautiful Japanese kites that I had framed, and some canvas propaganda posters from North Vietnam.  I seem to gradually be crafting an art gallery!

The Arizona daytime temperatures are down into the nineties, and I heard a report on the radio today that the high next Friday is expected to be 75 degrees!  God, that sounds good!  There is also a chance of rain next weekend.  Winter will be welcome, but in Arizona it is far too short!

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