Friday, October 5, 2012

A Drive to San Diego

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Tonight my life is being ruled by two external variables:  anticipation of a road trip to San Diego in the morning, and the agonizing pain of a tooth ache.  Obviously the trip to San Diego is a very good thing - and the tooth ache is not.

I am headed west to see my sweet Aunt Mary.  She was  my father's sister-in-law for many years - married to his older brother, Wayne - and she is one of only three relatives that I have remaining from that generation.  Aunt Mary is in her mid-eighties and sharp as a tack.  We had nice telephone conversations while I was on Okinawa and also exchanged cards and letters.  She worried about me being so far from home and my children, and I worried about her.  It will be wonderful seeing her again.

I am staying on Coronado Island at the Navy Lodge.  Coronado is home to the famous del Coronado Hotel where Some Like it Hot was filmed over fifty years ago.  It is one of the most beautiful hotels in America.  My friend Andrea and I stayed there a couple of years ago in a room that was on a special for just $300 a night!  Ouch!  My daughter, Molly, was married on the beach behind the del Coronado shortly before I moved overseas.  Her wedding, in fact, was the last time that I was in San Diego and the last time that I saw Aunt Mary.

Now, about the tooth:  Two weeks ago my dentist, a twenty-something whom I really like,  began a root canal on one of my back teeth.  He made some headway but ran into calcification which resulted in him packing the tooth with medication and having me wait a week to finish the process.  This week I went back and he made quite a bit of progress, but one root was still too calcified to complete the root canal, so he put more medicine in the tooth and scheduled me in for next week.    He did work on the tooth for about an hour-and-a-half while I was in the chair yesterday, though, and all of that prodding and drilling has my poor tooth hurting like hell!

And that's what life is all about - taking the good with the bad.

More tomorrow from beautiful San Diego!

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