Saturday, October 6, 2012

Coronado by Twilight

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

The drive from Luke Air Force Base to Coronado Island at San Diego is fairly easy (four lanes almost the entire way), and mostly scenic.  I managed it if five-and-a-half hours without rushing.  I headed west out of Phoenix on Interstate 10, cut south on 85 at Buckeye, Arizona, and picked up Interstate 8 at Gila Bend, Arizona, which brought me across to desert to Yuma, into California, through the beautiful mountains, and down into San Diego.

Gila Bend is a wide spot in the road where Prince Harry spent most of last year learning to fly Apache helicopters.  To the town's credit, they have not put up any signs about being home to a Prince.

This evening I met my Aunt Mary and cousins Linda and Janet - and their husbands David and Michael - at a Mexican restaurant in Coronado.  After a nice meal and quite a bit of conversation, we all  walked along the beach behind the del Cornado Hotel.  There were two wedding parties on the beach taking photos as the sun was setting.    Tomorrow Aunt Mary and I are driving to La Jolla, the coastal city for millionaires where the Romney's are rebuilding a perfectly home and adding a car elevator.

All is well in southern California - and I am headed to bed with a toothache!

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