Friday, January 6, 2012

My Wonderful Three-Day Weekend

by Pa Rock
Chronic Complainer

The is Friday of my bi-monthly three-day weekend.  By agreeing to work an extra hour each day for eight days, we get every other Friday off.  It usually takes me an extra hour to get all of my work done anyway, so I like the system.

But I was just coming down with a cold when I got back from Vietnam last Sunday, and it has been getting worse all week.  Still I persevered and went to work, because that's the way I roll.  Yesterday morning as I pulled into work in the dark, my poor car died.  I'm not complaining because I have had the little piece of junk for a year-and-a-half and this is its first major malfunction.  As the electrical system slowly faded away, I was fairly certain that I would be buying an alternator.

But nothing is simple on Okinawa.  It took over a day to get my car towed to an on-base repair shop that was less than a mile from where it quit running.  Today they told me that I will need a new battery and a used alternator.  Apparently "used" alternators here sell for something north of $300!  The total bill will be at least $550!

Thank you, sir.  May I please have another!

My friend Kelly brought me home last night.  We went by the commissary on the way, so I have enough groceries to make it through the weekend.

And I am still sick.

And yes, this is definitely my three-day weekend!

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