Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Dead Pool Results

by Pa Rock
Dead Pool Manager

Pa Rock's 4th Annual Dead Pool ended with the arrival of the new year, and I have just found time to count the corpses.  This year we had twenty-one entries, and of those, nine managed to correctly predict at least one celebrity demise, and four of those hit on multiple deaths.

This year's winner is my good friend, Brenda Kilby, of McDonald County, Missouri, who managed to make three correct predictions - and that in itself was a record for this Dead Pool.  Brenda correctly guessed that James Arness would bite the dust of Dodge City for 12 points, Elizabeth Taylor would quit getting married - permanently - for 21 points, and Amy Winehouse would kick her drug habit - for good - for 73 points.  Congratulations, Brenda, with your record score of 106 points!

Mike Box, an old college friend from the turbulent sixties, came in second by also correctly naming Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse for a total of 94 points.  Good work, Mike!

Another good friend of mine, although we have yet to meet in person, is Don Hunsberger.  Don came in third with his predictions of Amy Winehouse and Andy Rooney - for a total of 81 points.  Congratulations to you, Don!

Honorable mentions go to Eva and Scott who each picked Amy Winehouse for totals of 73 points each, Molly who selected Betty Ford and Jeff Conaway for a total of 47 points, David and Ricardo who hit on Osama bin Laden for 46 points, and Ron who selected Liz Taylor for 21 points.

Great work, everyone!  If you were in the top three, a check will be going out in the mail.  (Don, please email me your snail mail address.)  Please spend your winnings on something socially responsible  - or extremely alcoholic!

The 5th Annual Pa Rock's Dead Pool (2012) will be announced shortly - maybe as early as today!  Start getting those unfortunate names selected!

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