Friday, December 23, 2011

Michelle Obama: A Beautiful and Elegant Woman

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Jim Sensenbrenner is a flabby old white man with weight issues.  He is also a Republican member of Congress from Wisconsin who has been has been feeding at that particular public trough since Jimmy Carter was President.

Congressman Sensenbrenner has caused a bit of a stir lately over remarks that he made regarding the First Lady.  While chatting with a group of church ladies back in his home state, he got off on a Limbaughesque tirade about Mrs. Obama where he implied that she was being a bit hypocritical in her campaign against childhood obesity.  He apparently told the ladies that the First Lady herself had a "big butt," or words to that effect.  Sensenbrenner thought that he was delivering his remarks to fellow crackers, but, alas one of those present took great offense and told him so.

Ann Marsh-Meigs, a 72-year-old member of the church, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she was appalled by the Congressman's characterization of the President's wife.  She said that it appeared as though Congressman Sensenbrenner assumed that his remarks would be taken as humor, but she was not amused in the least.    She looked the congressman in the eye and said, "I think Michelle is a beautiful and elegant woman, and she dresses beautifully."

Yes, Michelle Obama is a beautiful and elegant woman, possibly the most beautiful and elegant woman ever to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  She is a great wife and mother, and is not afraid to wade in on issues that she feels are important to America and her families.  It is, in fact, the First Lady's beauty, brains, and political activism that cause flabby old white men to hurl insults at her.

Sticks and stones, Jimmy Boy - and you, too, Rush!

And Michelle, just for the record, this flabby old white man thinks you're a hottie!

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