Thursday, December 8, 2011

Messing with the One Percent

by Pa Rock
Registered Voter

Sitting out here on the world's elbow makes it difficult for me to be very active in the political and socio-economic movements that are occurring at home.  I  mean, I guess that I could go sit in a park, but the Japanese police would eventually show up and make me leave - and any message that I might be promoting would get lost in translation.

Today, however, I got an email from my election authority in Missouri that gives me a good opportunity to share my concern through the ballot box.  Missouri is holding a presidential preference primary in February, and my local county clerk wrote to ask which party's ballot I would like to have sent to me.

The Democratic Party ballot had four names as well as an "uncommitted" slot.  The candidates in order of appearance on the ballot were Barack Obama, Randall Terry, Darcy G. Richardson, and John Wolfe.   Terry, of course, is a long-time anti-choice advocate who is "running" as a Democrat just to give any rigid fundamentalist Democrats who refuse to vote Republican a place to cast their vote.  I have never heard of the other two candidates.

The Republican Party ballot has ten names as well as the "uncommitted" slot.    Those candidates are, in order of appearance on the ballot:  Gary Johnson (former governor of New Mexico who has been excluded from most, if not all, of the Republican debates), Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Michael J. Meehan, Rick Perry, Keith Drummond, Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.

Oddly, Newt Gingrich is not on the ballot - making it look as though the Newster may have some organizational deficiencies.

Having no doubt whatsoever that Barack Obama will sail to an easy victory in the Missouri Democratic Presidential Primary and will go on to become the national nominee, I have decided to use my vote to give a boost to one of the Republican candidates because I know they will appreciate my meddling participation in their primary.

But now the question becomes which weasel to support.  Should I act honorably and try to help one of their better angels - Johnson or Huntsman - or should I be a problem voter and support somebody completely unelectable like Cain, Santorum, or Bachmann?   I could also vote for Ron Paul whose numbers are always just high enough to give the leaders heartburn, but continually falls short of victory.   It is really a difficult decision.

What do you think?  All advice appreciated!


Xobekim said...

In the past I tried to figure out which Republican was leading, and then voted for next strongest Republican. Just hoping to throw a little chaos to the GOP.

Huntsman is a Republican that could take independent voters from Obama. We are lucky the GOP is Hell Bent on being radical this year.

Darcy Richardson worked for Eugne McCarthy, has written some books, is a New Democrat. You can read up on him at

John Wolfe has an extremely unofficial website. He's a Democrat from Chattanooga. The website is

You might want to read Civil War in Missouri Republican Party at You might be able to do more damage to the Show Me GOP than a mere vote at the top of the ticket.

give 'em hell.

Don said...

Too bad about the reptile being left off the ballot. The GOP in 2011 seems just crazy enough to let him sail through the primaries. Then, the party will have to figure out how to deny him the nomination -- because if Newt is nominated, they lose.
And they must know it.

So, vote Democratic since the guy you really want isn't on the ballot.