Thursday, December 15, 2011

Me and My Big Mouth!

by Pa Rock

Yesterday I used this space to praise the folks at Armed Forces Network because they had the good sense to replace some of their more angry radio talkshow hosts (Limbaugh, Hannity, and Colmes) with Christmas carols.  It was such a pleasant change of pace.  Unfortunately, as I learned today, it was also painfully temporary.

While I didn't get to tune in during the Hannity or Colmes time slots this afternoon, and don't know what was playing at those times, I did crank up the radio on my way home expecting some more seasonal merriment - but the Grinch had been at work and Rushbag was back on the air spewing fecal matter and hate at warp speed.  It was such a disappointment.  Unfortunately, at least from my perspective, AFN decided to replace the National Public Radio morning programing with seasonal songs today - so I did get my fix, but a such a cost!  That's what I get for bragging yesterday!

The weather is misty and chilly, and the days are too short so I am driving to work and home in the dark, and somebody needs to send me some holiday cheer!

(And to my old friend in Kansas, I am going to take your advice and increase my listening options.  That will make me infinitely more merry!)

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