Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Annual Holiday Party

by Pa Rock
Party Boy

Last year my friends Kelly and Nefredia and I went to Murphy's apartment for a Christmas gathering where we ate soup and pie - and played cards.  It was on Christmas Day and into that evening, and the weather was starting to turn cold - well, cold for Okinawa.

This year we held the party a week early because Murphy and I are going to be on a plane headed to Vietnam on Christmas Day.  Nefredia was the hostess.  Kelly couldn't make it, but Valerie was there.  The party also included two of our co-workers, Steven and Ron, and their better halves, Stacey and Carolyn.   Merriment was the order of the day.

The food was plentiful and very good.  Valerie brought groceries to my apartment and cooked here before we left.  She created a couple of pasta dishes and a pair of meat sides.  Murphy, who rode to Nefredia's with us, provided fruit salad and some dip that he made himself.  My contributions were all store-bought:  pecan pie, egg nog, and cashews.  Ron and Carolyn brought a big salad, and Steven and Stacey showed up with bread and wine.

It was such a nice night.

We have decided to do a movie night in January, and I will be the host for that.   We will be premiering a great new feature-length film months before it is available to the general public.  The menu for that affair will be popcorn and soft drinks.  More than that I cannot say!

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