Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Situation in Korea

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

News reports indicate that things are tense on the Korean peninsula, but after a day of heavy-duty sightseeing across Seoul, I can report that the tension is not that apparent here on the ground.  Myself and two friends are staying at the Dragon Hill Lodge, a five star hotel located on Yongsan Army Garrison in Seoul.

This morning I rode the elevator down with an active duty Army Lieutenant Colonel.  I asked about all of the military commotion coming out of the north, and he told me that the situation had already calmed down.  That must be right, because we visited several parts of Seoul today and never heard anyone even discussing what was occurring - or not.

Seoul is to Okinawa as New York City is to Joplin.  It is busy, expansive, and very westernized.  Prices out on the economy are better than they are in Japan's rural prefecture of Okinawa, they drive on the right side of the road - as God intended, and the food smells better!

Everywhere we went people were friendly, often stepping up to offer advice or discuss local history.  One fellow attached himself to me as we were entering the historic shopping district of Insadong.  He told me that the long, narrow street was between five and six hundred years old.  (His motivation seemed to have an opportunity to practice his English.)  Two female Korean information volunteers approached my friend Kelly along the Insadong shopping district and asked if she had questions.  I know that one of her questions was how to say "thank you" in Korean.

The big disappointment today was that our planned outing to the DMZ on Saturday appears to be cancelled due to Kim Jong Il's strutting and sniping.  He reminds me quite a bit of one of our recent dimwitted U.S. Presidents - all hat and no cattle!   But, even morons can stir up monstrous, senseless wars!

Pictures of today's tour of Seoul will soon be posted on my other blog:

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