Saturday, November 20, 2010

Never Misunderestimate the Power of Dumb!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

With the 2010 midterm elections barely over and most (but not all) of the races decided, Fox News and its political  arm, the Republican Party, are busy predicting to anyone who will listen that Barack Obama can't possibly win re-election in 2012.  And while many in that repugnant organization are focused on repealing health care and destroying social security,  a growing number are preoccupied  trying to figure out ways that they can become the candidate to challenge Obama.

Mitt Romney is busy telling anyone who will listen that he is the logical choice.  Several of the big money types have already cast their lot with Romney and he would appear to be in a formidable position.  Sadly for the Mittster, he comes with baggage, and not all of it is Louis Vuitton.  It was Mitt Romney, who when he was governor of Massachusetts, instituted what was essentially the Obama health care plan in that state - several years before there was an Obama health care plan.  Now, of course, he opposes any plan that would make health care more accessible or affordable to the unwashed masses.  Then there is that pesky Mormon thing.  While Mitt considers himself to be the most moralistic white boy in America, there are legions of fundamentalist Christians who firmly believe that Mormonism is a cult that has no connection whatsoever to real Christianity.   Finally, did the country get its fill of wealthy spoiled brats with George Bush?  Romney did his Mormon missionary duty knocking on doors along the French Riviera.  Mitt Romney would make an interesting challenger to the President!

Tim Pawlenty, the outgoing governor of Minnesota, also thinks that he will be a player.  He won't, of course, because there are too many sharks circling around in the Republican cesspool to let the mild-mannered Minnesotan make more than a minimal splash.  He will be little more than a headline or two as the big fish rip him open for their bloody breakfast.

The Reverend Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and now a Fox News personality, will be in the fray.  He got off to a good start in 2008, but couldn't close the deal.  Huckabee, being the good Christian that he purports to be, stands with the wealthy and privileged on most social and economic issues - firmly entrenched in the theology that the poor were born that way and should stay that way - unless God intercedes and gives them money.  Huckabee also will face further grilling about his son's involvement in the abuse and death of a dog.  Huckabee himself, as governor of Arkansas, fired the head of the state police when he refused to let Huckabee's version of the story go unchallenged.  Huckabee will last longer than Pawlenty, but he, too, will be fish food.

Sarah Palin, another Fox News personality and former half-term governor of Alaska, is out making noises about running for President.  She has been criss-crossing the lower forty-eight campaigning for teabaggers and making the odd dollar for speaking - while saying absolutely nothing of substance, of course.  Sarah knows she is popular - after all, her stooges have manned the phones week after week and managed to get Bristol into the finals of Dancing with the Stars!  Could there be a more significant qualification than that to  lead this great country.   Sarah is even out with a new book, one that reportedly attacks both the President and First Lady - and accuses Michelle Obama of hating white people.  That makes it painfully obvious who Sarah considers to be her base.  (I'm waiting for Katie Couric's next interview of Sarah Palin - the one in which she easily proves that Sarah has never read any of the books that she purports to have authored!)

Former Speaker of the House, New Gingrich, another tired old warhorse in the Fox stable, wants to take a run at President Obama.  Gingrich has been pining the presidency ever since Bill Clinton relegated him to the back of Air Force One.  His chances of moving to the front of the plane are less than nil.

Little Ricky Santorum, former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, also wants to be the elected leader of the free world.  Santorum probably doesn't have the political chops to get the nomination, but he is one mean bastard and could definitely be someone's Cheney.

Sam Brownback just left the Senate, voluntarily, and went home to Kansas and got himself elected governor.  He, too, is lusting after the White House, and figured he stood a better chance running as a governor from America's heartland rather than as a Washington insider.  Brownback has a long and complicated connection with the evil Christian fundamentalist group, The Family, and the potential for embarrassment during a national campaign is almost endless.

There will also be a candidacy from either Congressman Ron Paul or his son, Senator-elect Rand Paul. Whichever of the two decides to run will start off with a minimum of thirty-percent of the Republican primary votes.  The Paul voters are as determined as they are dumb - and when it comes to the Republican Party, never misunderstimate the power of dumb!

And, lest we forget, there is also a full deck of jokers and batshit crazies like Michele Bachmann, Haley Barbour, Vicky Hartzler, Jan Brewer, Liz Cheney, Stephen Baldwin, Christine O'Donnell, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Sharron Angle, Joe Arpaio, and Shirley Phelps-Roper.  Hell, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman might just decide to team up and try to buy the damned thing!

Personally, I hope they all run!

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