Friday, November 5, 2010

Politics is Easier to Spread

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

 My Sis left a note on last night's posting stating that she enjoys reading about family more than politics, and, in truth, I enjoy writing about family more than politics.  Unfortunately, being six or seven thousand miles from family tends to limit my ability to learn what their news is, and a lot of what I do know, various family members would not like to see posted!

But politics, on the other hand, lies around like poop in a barn lot, and it is so easy to spread!

So, family members, if you have news to share - get it to me.  Now that the election is over I will be looking for more things to write about, and if you don't share what is going on - I may just have to make stuff up!

It won't be pretty!


Reed said...

I would agree with mom that it is easier to read about family more than politics. But, as uninformed as I am, you and John Stewart are the only place that I can get my political info from.

BK in MO said...

I enjoy both. There's no harm in talking politics. And I think families should discuss it more. I remember many times we talked about politics at the dinner table when I was growing up. Today it is hard to talk politics anywhere, so I appreciate the blogs. Keep on talking up both!