Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Mystery Missile and Government Secrets

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The government of the United States of America, our government, is currently going nuts over the release of tens of thousands of pages of "secret" documents by Wikileaks.   The most significant thing to result from that massive document dump is the fact that those pages contained little that most people did not already know - or at least assumed.  The obvious question is why does our government go to so much trouble to keep its day-to-day operational crap secret?  The next obvious question is can we really trust a government that is so quick to stamp "secret" on every scrap of paper that it generates?   The third question might be if the government keeps everything from its citizenry, is it really a democratic form of government - and are we truly free?

A lot of what Wikileaks has released amounts to little more than mid-level bureaucrats using the classification stamp to cover-up their mistakes and keep from embarrassing themselves.

And all of the stuff that has been dumped on the Internet by Wikileaks only deals with the current wars.  What a shame someone did not furnish them with the "secret" documents relating to Roswell, the Kennedy assassination, or the U.S. plots against Cuba.  Wouldn't it be fun to get a look at J. Edgar Hoover's "private" files, the ones he ruthlessly used to stay in power at the FBI!

We as a nation have been fed a steady diet of lies and misinformation by our own government since the days of the Cold War, and the subterfuge only seems to be getting worse.

There was an incident off the coast of southern California yesterday that illustrates the problems of government double-speak, or perhaps its ineptness complicated by lies, only too well.  Yesterday evening weather helicopter filmed what looks to be a vapor trail of a missile heading out into the Pacific Ocean.  Various experts have come forward and volunteered that it appears to be a large missile of the variety that are fired from submarines, but the government, our government, vehemently denies that they launched the missile.  The government doesn't stop there, it also asserts that it does not know the source of the missile - and - assures the public that the missile, launched dangerously close to Los Angeles, posed no threat to our national security.

No matter how you dice it, that is one big bunch of crap.  Either (A) the government lied about not being responsible for the launch, or (B) it is clueless as to the source of the launch and lied about it posing no threat to national security - because the government has no way of knowing if it posed a threat or not, or (C) some other group is experimenting with missiles and our government doesn't want us to know that they no longer have control of our skies.

Whatever the real story of the mystery missile, it will undoubtedly be stamped "secret" and locked away in some bureaucrat's filing cabinet.  It is obviously no concern of ours - the governed!

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