Friday, November 26, 2010

The Seoul Tower and the Korea War Memorial

by Pa Rock
World Traveler

This is Saturday of Thanksgiving Day weekend, our final full day in the Republic of Korea.  Kelly and I began the day going to the Seoul Tower, an observation structure that sits atop a mountain in the center of Seoul.  The structure itself is 777 feet tall, although the observation deck is far below the tip of the tower.  But the view is grand - even on a crappy, cloudy day like today.  (There was ice on the ground at the base of the tower, something that I have not encountered since being in the Midwest last December and January - not that I get sentimental over winter ice!)

After the trip to the Tower, Kelly took the tour bus on to re-shop the Insadong, and I cabbed it back toward the base where I visited the Korean War Memorial before walking back to the hotel.  The War Memorial is immense with lots of aircraft, big guns, tanks, trucks, and watercraft outside, and sculptures, paintings, displays, and dioramas inside.  There was also a Korean wedding being set up on the grounds of the Memorial for an afternoon wedding.  I snapped a few photos of that as well.

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