Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Weekend Happens

by Pa Rock
Daily Scribe

I took this past Wednesday off from work and used the time to finish moving out of my old apartment. It was time very well spent and I accomplished the mission of finishing the move - all except for the unpacking, of course. By Friday I realized that I was getting further and further behind in my work at the office. Today, despite my very loud vocal vow not to, I spent quite a bit of time at the office trying to get caught up. No more time off for me!

When I finished at the office, close to being caught up, I headed off to the gym for my first visit there since before the never-ending move began. It felt good to be getting back into the gym routine, but I used so many muscles during the move that I didn't seem to have lost any ground during my hiatus from Lifetime Fitness.

The day was capped off with some unpacking and the potting of six large cacti. Anyone who tries to stroll casually across my lot after dark could easily wind up perforated!

Tomorrow, if the desert wind begins to die down, I will paint some wooden tables that function as furniture in my simple lifestyle. The excitement just rolls on and on!

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Phillipia said...

Beware of cacti in Pa Rock's back yard, lest ye be perforated:)

What's a gym - I keep trying to find my way back...