Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fried Spammers!

by Pa Rock
The Retaliator

I like using Google for my email, primarily because it sorts the spam, at least most of it, out of my way and into a special folder. But spammers get smarter every day, and now some have started getting around my spam sniffer by putting the word "Google" in their title.

I received an interesting response to a blog posting that I wrote on April 16, 2009, entitled My Favorite Republican. It was from Anonymous and went on-and-on-and-on - pages and pages of disjointed crap that ended with a threat about not trying to identify the author because he had a right to remain anonymous.

I don't really give a rat's ass who wrote the screed, but I copied it to a word document figuring that it might be useful. This week I began pasting in in replies to spammers. I figured that might have one of two results: a. it would confirm that my email address was a working one and spam would increase, or b. my name would be struck from the spam lists as someone who slows down the system and is not worth the bother. So far - after just a couple of days - I've noticed no difference what-so-ever.

If this turns into a war, the next phase will be for me to copy my most recent 500 blog posts and reply to spam with them. Phase three will be attaching the entire Bible or Koran (or both) to spam replies. (If someone has a copy of one of those - or War and Peace, Gone with the Wind, or the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in word, please consider sharing!)

Can you tell that I have too much time on my hands? Anything to keep from unpacking and getting things put away!

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Phillipia said...

Ha - I love your use of your time...thanks for some new ideas to avoid cleaning the house and planting my flowers...