Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pa Rock at Rhyme

by Pa Rock

While unpacking I ran across a copy of the January-February 1993 issue of Reminisce Magazine. I had saved that copy because it contained a a page of limericks submitted by their readers, and one of those selected for publication was crafted by me. It was an untitled little ditty on the subject of marriage:

A maiden had sights set on wedlock
to a beau who shied from such deadlock.
When she failed at discourse,
she took him by force,
and he walked down the aisle in a headlock!

If you desire to reply to this post, please do so in the form of a limerick. (Free verse 'tis but the curse of a willful pen, and haiku will never do!)


Phillipia said...

There once was a guy called "Rock"
Who was never bothered with writer's block.
He rambles on
and on and on
With passion for his flock (-n followers)

I never claim to be a poet....

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

A fun-loving nun named Phillipia
Liked to fly late at night on the cheap-uh
Clutching her balloon bouquet
She'd drift up and away
While the rest of the world was asleep-uh!

Phillipia said...

Thanks for the smile...I needed it right now:)