Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Survey Says...

by Pa Rock
Struggling Linguist

There was a survey at Daily Kos today that was more interesting for the responses than it was for the question. This was the question:

AIG's CEO says he wants people to stop critiquing the company's activities, even though we the people own 80 percent of it. Your reaction as a majority stockholder?

There were seven possible responses.

Response #1: WTF?
At the end of the day it had received 1,194 votes or 13% of the vote. WTF is fairly obvious - I get it.

Response #2: STFU!
This answer garnered 4,246 votes. It was the most popular, drawing 46% of the total vote. I get this one also. The ST is "Shut The" and the FU is a no-brainer - with the exclamation mark making it an imperative command.

Response #3: LOL
Laughing Out Loud collected 542 votes or 5% of the total. LOL is somewhat like me - a real no-brainer!

Response #4: FU!
Another colorful imperative command that was good for 1,715 votes or 18% of the total. Being a simple soul, I was sorely tempted to vote for good old FU!

Response #5: MEH!
That collected 121 votes or 1% of the total. Help me out here...WTF is MEH?

Response #6: SYFPH!
This snappy little piece of colorful language collected 1,032 votes - including my own - which was good for 11% of the total. If I'm translating correctly, the PH part of the response stands for "Pie Hole."

Response #7: (.)
308 people agreed with that selection, comprising 3% of the total vote. This one stumped me also. Who can clue me in to what (.) means?

As soon as I can become proficient in communicating in this abbreviated format, I plan to take up texting. A year from now I'll be TMAO - count on it!


Phillipia said...

MEH - those are my initials (for my real married name)- but that can't be I have no clue...

and (.)?

Period ? The 5 out of every 28 days that is bad news for everyone anywhere near me?

Dot? like polka? or com?

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

My youngest, Tim, replied with this link for MEH:

He had to go to his friend, Robert, for the translation of (.) = it's a boob!

Live and learn!