Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yet Another Hero

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Last October I wrote a piece entitled "Another Hero" that sang the praises of Tom Dart, the sheriff of Cook County, Illinois, (basically Chicago) who quit serving eviction notices. Today I came across a similar story in the press, this time involving the sheriff of a much smaller county, who also dedcided to quit doing the bank's dirty work for them.

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio, has ordered his deputies to quit serving eviction notices, at least during the winter months. The sheriff reasons that the cases should be sent back to the courts and resolved in some other way - hopefully one that is more humane. He also sent a letter to Governor Ted Strickland asking him to issue a state order to stop forced evictions during the winter months.

As I lamented in the earlier column, laws in this country are basically designed to protect two entities: people of privilege and property. It's certainly refreshing to see a public official ignore "law" to do what is right!

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