Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Molly's Birthday!

by Pa Rock

The word “interregnum” is a Latin term that means “between kings.” It is also the term generally used to describe the time lapse between the time a new President of the United States is elected and the time that person is actually sworn into office. For about a ten-week period every four or eight years this country goes through an interregnum. They are generally times of excitement and change.

My daughter, Molly, was born in the interregnum between President Ford and President Carter. During her lifetime she has celebrated birthdays during the interregnums between Carter and Reagan, Reagan and Bush I, Bush I and Clinton, and Clinton and Little Bush (Shrub). Today she is celebrating another birthday during yet another interregnum.

The current interregnum of Little Bush and Obama will hold special significance for Molly, because she was also married during that unique historical period. Each succeeding Presidential transition period will now encompass her birthday and her wedding anniversary!

Happy birthday, Molly. You are a wonderful wife to Scott and a terrific mother to Sebastian – and my favorite daughter! I grow prouder of you with each passing year!

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Molly said...

So interesting!! This was a wonderful birthday surprise. I love you Dad.