Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays, Mr. Madoff!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Bernard Madoff, the former Chairman of NASDAQ and an international financial investment wizard, is tonight begging his friends for money so that he can post a $10 million bail and stay out of jail. The trouble is that poor Mr. Madoff does not have that many friends left - and especially friends with money.

Until recently the amazing Mr. Madoff had been busy managing the savings of some of America's most privileged individuals and charities. His investments always made a good return, and he reported earnings on statements that no one could understand but everyone could appreciate. People literally begged him to take them on as clients. A person had to be somebody or know somebody before Mr. Madoff would agree to manage their money. Greed ran rampant, and everybody had to have a piece of the action. When the stock market started its dive, Bernard Madoff was still reporting profits to his clients, and the money kept rolling in.

The money kept rolling in until this week, that is, when Madoff's massive ponzi scheme finally went belly up. It looks as though all of his clients lost everything, to the tune of over $50 billion!

This holiday season was already going to be thin across much of America. Now, thanks to a solid gold con-man, it will be less merry in some of the pricier zip codes as well.

Not to sound like Scrooge, but my vote is for letting Bernard Madoff spend the holidays behind bars, dining on bologna and sleeping with one eye open. And even that is better than he deserves!

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