Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dead Pool Reminder

by Pa Rock

This coming Wednesday, December 31st, at midnight is the deadline for entering the 2009 Pa Rock's Dead Pool. Complete rules are listed on the December 18th posting of the Ramble, but basically it's this simple:

Choose ten individuals who are at least semi-well known celebrities, sports figures, politicians, royals, etc, who are currently in seemingly good health. Email your list to me before the deadline at - and then sit back and wait on nature to take its grisly course. Points are awarded for each selection who expires during 2009. Points are equal to 100 minus the person's age at time of death. The younger the deceased, the more points awarded! Only one entry per person, please!

There are three great prizes for 2009: 1st place receives a $100 savings bond, 2nd place is good for a $50 savings bond, and third place will receive a new DVD of the Clint Eastwood 1988 film classic, The Dead Pool.

I will place a recap of entries on the Ramble during the first week of January so that all entrants can track their progress in relation to everyone else.

Enter today...spread the word...and good luck!

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