Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Of Arabs and Muslims and Crackers

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

We are in dangerous times, an era when the frustrated, under-educated, poor of America are being incited to violence by manipulative and devious politicians. I'm talking about the hate rallies featuring John McBush and Sarah Palin where the crowds are whipped into a frenzy by baseless comments indicating that Barack Obama has a history with terrorists. Palin's diatribe has been especially egregious, often stirring members of her crowds to yell things about killing Obama or lopping off his head. And what does Governor Doofus do when people yell those things? She stands there and grins. Youbetcha she does!

All McBush has left are the Crackers, and he and Ms. Palin seem to be doing everything within their power to fire up these beer-guzzling, gun-totting morons short of handing out ammo.

The McBush campaign has sunk so low that once reliably conservative journalists now hold their collective noses when discussing his rolling circus. George Will, a respected columnist and David Brooks, a semi-respected columnist who usually tows the party line - regardless of what it may be attached to, have both spoken out against McBush's degenerating campaign efforts and his ridiculous choice of a running mate who is not ready or fit to serve. Today, Christopher Buckley,another big name among conservatives, openly jumped ship. Buckley, the son of the late right-wing icon and intellectual (no, it's not an oxymoron - but close!) William F. Buckley, announced that he was supporting Obama.

But maybe there is hope that McBush has finally succeeded in shaming himself with his campaign of personal smears. I watched a news clip today where an elderly lady was talking to McBush at a rally, and asked him if it was true that Obama was an Arab. To his credit, the senior senator from Arizona looked truly ashamed, and then said, "No, no he's not. He's a family man. I just don't agree with him on some issues."

Know this: Arab refers to a race, a type of people who originated in Saudi Arabia and now inhabit much of the Middle East. Senator Obama is known by all to be half Black and half Caucasian (Kenyan father and Kansan mother). The woman probably meant to ask if he was a Muslim. A Muslim is a person who is a member of the religion called Islam. Many Arabs are Muslims, many are Christians, and some are even Jews. Many Black and White Americans happen to be Muslims, and many Black and White Americans also happen to be Christians, and and many Americans of various races also happen to be Jews. Most are "family" people, dedicated to making the world a better and more accepting place for their children. Barack Obama had a Muslim father and a Christian mother. He chose his religion as an adult - he is a Christian.

It would be nice if we all had some education in world religions and their histories, instead of relying on demagogue preachers and politicians to make us feel justified in our innate fear of anyone who is different from us. Yes, Virginia, there are good Muslims in this world, millions of them, and millions of good Arabs, and good Christians, and good Jews, and good Black people, and even good White people. Open up your heart and let them in!

And when somebody tries to scare you into voting for a particular candidate, be afraid, be very afraid. But vote with your head and your heart, not with your trigger finger!

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