Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Over!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The last Presidential debate is over. Hallelujah! Listening to McBush rattle on these past couple of months has convinced me that I never want to wind up in a rest home. Old people can be so damned maddening!

McBush kept talking about "Joe the Plumber." I don't personally know Joe, but McBush probably wishes by now that he would have put him on the ticket instead of Golly-gee-whiz-youbetcha Palin.

A couple of things about this debate stuck in my craw. First, McBush blamed his campaign's bad behavior on the fact that Obama wouldn't do a bunch of town hall meetings with him. Really, John? Obama won't march to your tune which is why your idiot followers threaten to kill him. Then McBush said that he was very proud of his followers - the people who come to his and Sarah's rallies. God help us all if one of these crazies responding to the McBush campaign's crap gets pushed over the edge! If that happens, John and Sarah need to be held accountable.

But the most outrageous comment of the evening was when McBush belittled the health of the mother as being a justification for an abortion. He seemed to be saying that the health of the mother was just a political excuse to allow an abortion. Start waving, John, the women's vote has just left the building!

The election is over. After tonight the result is no longer in doubt.


doubtisgood said...

I was impatient to read your reaction to the debate (didn't have time yesterday to get to my computer). It's unfortunate the moderator in each of the debates didn't have a switch to turn off the microphone of McCain because of his incessant interrupting and snide remarks--it drives me crazy. I did appreciate that McCain did not call us all "my friend" ad naseum this time but did get tired of hearing about Joe the plumber. As usual, I enjoyed your comments.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

The thing that offended me the most was the way McBush ended each of his statements by telling us his opponents "faults." It would have been nice, and a lot more civil, if he had just answered for himself and let the other guy give his own answers to the questions!