Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sebastian at One Year

(as reported by his Daddy)

Sebastian had his 1 year dr. appt today. He is 29.5 tall (34%), weight was 18.4(1%) and head circumference is 48(87%). He gained 2 pounds 3 ounces which was over the 2 pound goal! His weight percentile is really low but the doctor said he is fine. She was more concerned about his rapidly growing head. (he's a MACY) She was very impressed with his language skills. She only expected him to know a couple words. He put on a show for her. He said, "What's that? Light! Hi! Go! Go! Go!" and more. He received three immunization shots: pcv7, varivax, and MMR. We were also told that he could start drinking whole milk and begin eating almost anything except nuts, so we are going to be trying a lot of new foods over the next few weeks.

Molly is packing for their trip to MO. We will be spending the night in Portland tomorrow night. Their flight leaves at 5:45am Friday morn.

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