Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nick!
(July 24, 1973)

Yes, my eldest child turned 35 yesterday. Nicholas Karl Macy was born on Okinawa in 1973 at the U.S. Army Hospital at Camp Kue, and he spent his first two months of life on that tiny island. If I wind up with the time and the resources, one of my greatest hopes is to be able to take Nick and his son, Boone, back to Okinawa so that he can see where he entered the world.

Nick and Boone are coming to Arizona next Thursday, and Friday I am whisking them off to a long weekend in San Diego where Boone will experience the ocean for the first time, and we all will spend one day at a world class zoo! Someday I'm going to start taking Sebastian on holiday also!

So, Nick, happy birthday - one day late. I love you and I remain very proud of you!


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