Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rock of Ages

by Pa Rock

On those days when I get to feeling old, desperately old, I like to sit back, crank up the stereo, and listen to the music of a band from the dark ages of my youth. That band, the Rolling Stones, is incredibly still going. I guess if they can keep up the beat, then so can I.

Mick Jagger turned sixty-five today! Sixty-forking-five! And he's not the oldest Stone on the stage. Drummer Charlie Watts turned sixty-seven last month. Guitarist Keith Richards will be sixty-five in December, and guitarist / bassist Ronnie Wood recently turned sixty-one. The whole damned band is older than me! (I guess I just need to quit whining about my age!)

David Letterman used to tell a joke about getting behind the Rolling Stones tour bus on the highway, and how he knew it was the Stones because they drove with their turn signal on for two hundred miles. He told that joke two world tours ago!

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