Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Point of Blogging

I had planned to write a response today to those wonderful emails that I received from Nick, Molly, and Tim yesterday, but the day got away from me. Maybe this weekend I can set aside enough time to say what I really want to communicate - and to do it well.

Part of why I want to take so much care in replying to the memories that my kids stirred up is that I am using this blog as sort of a personal history. It contains experiences that I have had, fiction that I have written, and rantings that give a picture of who I am at this point in my life. Hopefully, my grandkids and their children will have a way to look at who I was through my own perspective.

Reciting my history over the Internet has a benefit that I hadn't counted on. Recently a friend from forty-five years ago contacted me out of the blue. I had mentioned her in a piece that I wrote about growing up at Riverview Court in Noel, MO. She had googled her own name and came across that blog entry. Receiving her email was very exciting.

I also blog because it is such good therapy. There are days when I need to rail about some outrage or another, and, living alone, that is sometimes difficult to do. This blog is my voice into cyberspace, whether anyone is actually listening or not. It makes me feel good to yell into the void!

"Yo, Billary! No third term!"

See what I mean.

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