Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Johns, Hookers, and Bathroom Perverts

I thought that yesterday's news story about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer frequenting a high-priced whore house was very disappointing. Spitzer had earned a reputation as a tough law enforcement official during his eight years as New York's attorney general. His unwise and illegal behavior will probably cost him his job, and it is undoubtedly having a devastating impact on his family - a wife and three teenage daughters.

I have a friend at work, a republican, who observed that if the miscreaants have their wives with them when they admit or deny the misbehavior, it is a certain tell that they are guilty: Bill and Hillary, Congressman and Mrs. Vitter (in her faux leopard skin coat), wide-stance Senator Larry Craig and his Missus, and now Governor Spitzer and spouse. When I pointed out to him that McCain brought his plastic Barbie Doll wife out when he self-righteously denied a romantic involvement with a lobbyist, my friend decided that his theory might have an occasional exception.

Political power must be the most powerful aphrodisiac in existence. Why else would people who have been granted such enormous public trust behave so stupidly? Certainly their families, and ours, deserve better.

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