Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dear Boone

Dear Boone,

Thank you for that nice letter yesterday. Your printing is very nice and you write very good sentences. You may be turning into a writer like Uncle Tim!

Here are a few of my best memories of you. The first is the day you were born. I was living in Waynesville, MO, and I drove down to West Plains to meet you on your first day. You were very small! I brought you a stuffed monkey that I had gotten in Washington DC a few weeks before. I took pictures of you, your Mom, and your Dad. It was a very special day!

I also remember the time that you and I went to the movies by ourselves. We saw "Brother Bear" and I was so impressed by how well you understood it. And then there was the time that Uncle Tim and I visited you and your Dad for Christmas, and you taught us how to play Crazy 8s. That was really fun!

The trip to the Grand Canyon was fun. One of the things that I remember was when I had you back up under the antlers at that Trading Post and then I took your picture. I have that picture in my office, and I tell people that it is "my ten-point grandson!" They really think that is funny! Also on that trip I got to see both of my grandsons together for the first time. That was really special. Do you remember how we left the train two times in Albuquerque to get Cold Stone ice cream? It was really good!

Boone, you are a super grandson. I am proud to be your grampa!


Pa Rock

P.S. Good luck in the spelling bee!

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